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A Note From The Turf War Zone: A Response to John Stoltenberg

“Social media posts, statements and slogans, the shit people say, it all counts far more than what they actually do. Someone worried that perverted men will come into women’s safe areas is a fucking Nazi. Whereas some zitty three-week vegan studying all day wanking at Brighton University, claims they’re casting off the shackles of hierarchical society by tying their cock to their leg and wearing panties, they’re a hero." ~Shit Wigs and Steroids, page 19 of pdf version.


Shit Wigs and Steroids
Anarchism's (and the left's) Tolerance of Delusion
(This is complete booklet in .pdf form.)

Shit Wigs and Steroids
Anarchism's (and the left's) Tolerance of Delusion
(This is the complete booklet in html form.)

A New Offensive Publication

This is a collective project.
It deals with the absurdity and bogus claims of the transgender headcases.
This publication is in sharp contrast to the jokers patting themselves on the back in London,who remain - as ever - isolated from the real world but hope to be seen as a credible mouthpiece for current anarchist thinking.

We are writing from our northern anti-authoritarian working-class perspective and pushing their bullshit and safe spaces to one side.



No Gods, No Masters, ... No Exceptions.

The booklet was put together by a collective of working class anarchists around the North West of England. All of us are men who are against the misogyny and homophobia of the bullshit liberal goons rallying around transgender ideology. We took the approach outlined in the booklet as we are not wankers from the university educated Left, so we are not tamed or muzzled by the adoption of an academic template to speak from. We have been very pleased to see the positive response the booklet has had around Europe and the wider world (especially America, New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland).

We are delighted that your collective sees the validity in it, and we are happy to make links and to support all projects we have common ground with. The obscurity of anarchist groups is of no interest to us. Getting ideas out there and standing our ground is really important. It is clear that the bogus transgender ideology is in free fall and increasingly being discredited. We strive to dismantle these farcical ideas and help towards the collapse of transgender ideology and dogma.

This booklet was first produced as a print copy because we wanted to take the debate offline.

We have tried to make the language accessible to all. We do not think the world is made up of educated imbeciles from universities who try to blind us with jargon and pseudoscience.

No Gods, No Masters, … No Exceptions.

New Offensive Collective, North West England
June 2023

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