Shit Wigs and Steroids

Anarchism’s (and the Left’s) Tolerance of Delusion

A New Offensive Publication

This is a collective project.

It deals with the absurdity and bogus claims of the transgender headcases.

This publication is in sharp contrast to the jokers patting themselves on the back in London, who remain—as ever—isolated from the real world but hope to be seen as a credible mouthpiece for current anarchist thinking.

We are writing from our northern anti-authoritarian working-class perspective and pushing their bullshit and safe spaces to one side.

No Gods, No Masters, ... No Exceptions.

The booklet was put together by a collective of working class anarchists around the North West of England. All of us are men who are against the misogyny and homophobia of the bullshit liberal goons rallying around transgender ideology. We took the approach outlined in the booklet as we are not wankers from the university educated Left, so we are not tamed or muzzled by the adoption of an academic template to speak from. We have been very pleased to see the positive response the booklet has had around Europe and the wider world (especially America, New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland).

We are delighted that your collective sees the validity in it, and we are happy to make links and to support all projects we have common ground with. The obscurity of anarchist groups is of no interest to us. Getting ideas out there and standing our ground is really important. It is clear that the bogus transgender ideology is in free fall and increasingly being discredited. We strive to dismantle these farcical ideas and help towards the collapse of transgender ideology and dogma.

This booklet was first produced as a print copy because we wanted to take the debate offline.

We have tried to make the language accessible to all. We do not think the world is made up of educated imbeciles from universities who try to blind us with jargon and pseudoscience.

No gods, no masters, … no exceptions.

New Offensive Collective, North West England

June 2023

The Attention-Seeking of Identity Politics

I have absolutely no problem with how people choose to live their lives or even how they feel biology is dictating their lives. I absolutely respect the right of anyone to live how they choose as long as they do not impact on anyone else’s right to live their own life. If someone chooses to live their life as a lamp post then that is up to them.

Where I do have a massive problem is when they impose their choices on others and expect others to live their way of living, and take on their values.

Identity politics is really just the shift from personal ways to live, to a broader ideology that no-one dare oppose. When those who choose to identify a certain way don’t like someone who will not adopt their ideology they launch into a hysterical tirade of abuse (usually a litany of negative identities they have dreamed up). Identity politics is a personal issue that should remain with the individual and yet has simply become a source of “Look at me; aren’t I different” ... and if you don’t like what I have become or am then you are a fascist.

This used to be called attention seeking ... and it still is. The massive attention paid to identity politics has utterly distracted from attention to real problems and issues in the world - capitalist greed, poverty, injustice, war etc. In this respect, identity politics is the ultimate counter-revolutionary ideology and has utterly divided the left. Much worse, people are now afraid to say what they think and many people are being turned off politics for good by this laughable charade. Let’s face it, the imposition of ideologies and stifling of free speech is much closer to fascism than someone being bewildered by the trans debate and saying the wrong thing to the wrong person.

It is time that we embrace and accept everyone for how they choose to identify, BUT if they start telling other people how to think or hold obnoxious opinions they should be challenged exactly the same as anyone else would.

That is what equality is, choosing to be a variation of gender or sexuality does not make you immune to being an utter twat.

Under Inspection

The transgender arguments are at best nonsense. at worst misogynistic, indulgent and delusional.

A lot of us working-class “anarchists” have no interest in ‘inward-looking social scenes’. Our responsibility and consideration is with our class, standing up for it and ourselves as working-class people.

Under inspection anarchist bookfairs are farcical and almost like a “pop-up kindergarten” for spoilt and privileged special needs children. Many anarchists have turned their back on the “social scene” that wants to declare itself a movement. When we look closely at examples like the London Anarchist Bookfair and the Liverpool Anarchist Bookfair, the opposite of ‘anarchist organisation’ is at play. We see sad fucks protecting their “social scenes” whilst the important and concrete issues of their authoritarian behaviour—censorship, misogyny, and bullying of credible activists—is ignored. Anarchism has pretty much become a wendy house for children to play in.

In solidarity with anarchism and its intention for human liberty we stand separate from the bastardisation of its meaning.

The Politicisation of Irrelevant Lifestyle Choices

The anarchist bookfairs have become social occasions for marginalised reality-shy people. They are not progressive or libertarian, and are isolated from the real world by maintaining “door policies.” This keeps them and their delusional self-importance safe from most of us outside their “social scene.”

The organisers of Liverpool Anarchist Bookfair laid out a red carpet for “male perspectives” on gender by forcing the removal of literature by women on the subject of gender. They asked some people not to attend and asked women’s groups not to include anything that might upset the “Cocks in Frocks” Brigade.

This is not an element of twenty-first-century anarchism but coercion of thought by removing a counterargument from being aired, which is on a par with fascism and really shows the vulnerability of “The Emperor’s New Gender.” Scrutiny and critical thinking strip the transgender community of their barricaded position. The venom of these fuck-ups is often aimed at women, who they claim are “trans-exclusionary radical feminists” (“TERFs”).

The idiots are dreaming up new words to box-off criticism from others. They had better get busy as criticism of the “transgender fuck-ups” is coming thick and fast, from unions/journalists/feminists/lads and fundamentally, women bemused and amused by the arrogance and delusion of the “trans community” (care in the community brigade). For a good number of us, these men are just creepy-looking and fucked-up, trying to hijack well-meaning people’s tolerance.

Well, they can fuck off. Walking around looking like you are from “Royston Vasey” does not cut it with most of us.

When people politicise irrelevant lifestyle choices, the bigger picture of dealing with class oppression as an argument is just pushed to one side by them, as they politicise their insignificant individual decisions as radical positions—such as veganism, scruffy dreadlocked hair, cannabis smoking/drug use, etc.

This is a Thatcherite celebration of the “individual” as the be-all and end-all. She would have been proud of the individualistic bullshit they try to dress up as anarchism.

What Happened at the Liverpool “Anarchist” Bookfair 2018

The Liverpool Anarchist Bookfair was advertised in the usual “student areas,” but it did advertise open meetings of the Blacklisting Group and the Undercover Research Group. I looked at the list of meetings and was amused by most of the irrelevant workshops.

I noticed there was no mention of the situation at the London Anarchist Bookfair, which drew to a close early as a result of men in dresses intimidating and threatening women, simply because they do not have the stomach for anyone upsetting their delusions via debate.

This year’s London Anarchist Bookfair is cancelled as a result of the bullying behaviour of men in dresses. Some idiots also stole and set fire to the Anarchist Bookfair banner made by Clifford Harper. That was a pretty shitty thing to do, given that he has been very ill and has contributed greatly to many projects. They filmed its burning and posted it on Youtube as some kind of “trans victory.” (Yes, fuckin’ weird stuff—it must be the medication they are on).

Please read this: 


When I read the cheesy blurb for the Liverpool Anarchist Bookfair, I was quite shocked that the “organisers” made no reference to the absurd situation in London, of violence and intimidation against women and the shutting down of free speech amongst anarchists. There was no “solidarity” shown by the Liverpool bookfair organisers to the anarchist movement, to women’s rights, to defending free speech and to support working-class free expression. I looked at the Liverpool anarchist bookfair’s literature and was pretty disgusted from the onset. I rolled my eyes and realised what gutless idiots were behind this. I was to see first-hand the pitiful creatures in their “safe space.”

I had just got back from working away the night before, but knocked up a few words. I prepared a leaflet that mocked the “cocks in frocks” at the London bookfair and included links to two in-depth videos that dealt with:

  1. “A Woman’s Place Is on the Platform”

    (The situation at the anarchist bookfair in London spoken about by feminists dealing with their intimidation by men in dresses trying to silence their critics.) 

  1. “What Is a TERF?”

A video by Magdalen Berns who offers a sharp critique of the absurd situation of ‘men in dresses claiming to be women’ (gender dysphoria etc.). I had never heard the term “TERF” before other than from these dickheads, and it is simply a snide way of saying it’s only “radical feminists” who do not take “trans women” seriously as actual women, when most of society is fully aware a man cannot become a woman. 

So, off I went to the meeting with a few quickly prepared leaflets that shed light on the basic situation that occurred at the London Anarchist Bookfair. They were to be given to friends and a few old faces.

I have been involved in Class Struggle politics for 35 years. I am northern working-class, from a politicised class-conscious family. At the bookfair I went to the Undercover Research Meeting. It was good and I waited for the Blacklisting Group Meeting. This meeting was brilliant and an education. The meeting was interrupted by someone asking if they “could have a word with me.” That seemed a bit strange and I did not know them, so I declined their unusual request. I was not there to get involved in a debate with anyone, but to learn about blacklisting.

The blacklisting group meeting was very small and the speaker was superb. I did not feel responsible for the interruption and saw it as a rude intrusion of a meeting. The meeting was interrupted again, and I said clearly, “I am here for a meeting.“ The people left the room and seemed like a gang of children in a playground who weren’t getting their own way. They were not the kind of people I would enter into any serious discussion with, as they looked like student types and, lo and behold, they were. The disruptive people returned and literally shut the meeting down. I felt for the speaker and the absurdity of the situation. I was told that “This was a safe space” and I was distributing transphobic literature! I was pretty shocked by the situation and also quite amused at these big “anarchists” having the sky cave in because someone dared to address a subject that is taboo to them.

I was approached by one of the ringleaders—Pablo. He is a member of Liverpool Solidarity Federation. You can see from a video that is online that he was very distressed and very unapproachable over the subject. Pablo put his hands on me in an attempt to coerce me from the room. I made it clear he should not touch me, but he did so again and I warned him not to again. The third time I told him he should not have done that. One of the other ponces, a woman, asked, “Are you threatening him?”

So, to recap, I was at a public meeting, I was ganged up on by four or five hippies who were attempting to force me to leave because I had a leaflet about an issue concerning the anarchist movement. So I am technically an anarchist, at an anarchist meeting, with literature concerning the anarchist movement and I am being asked/forced to leave. But then, my questioning of the hostility to my presence was used against me as ‘threatening behaviour.’

If you look at it, it is a set-up.

This is pretty amusing for those who can see the irony.

Self-defence is not an offence and anyone who starts trouble, but cannot explain their logic, is off to a bad start. It was funny to see how feeble these “softies” were. It’s absurd now reading this back, but even crazier, that they shut down a blacklisting meeting, and were blacklisting me publicly for my politics, which was about not holding a passive position on violence against women in anarchist circles. It was actually astounding.

It is evident that “Pablo” was trying to be the spokesperson for his group of lightweights. I held my ground until these “anarchists” had to call on the building’s keyholder, a guy on crutches, who had to say, “I am sorry but this building has been rented to them. They are asking you to leave and I have to ask you to leave as it is against their wishes that you are here.” I was in a situation of not backing down but leaving at the right point, whilst making a clear strong show of solidarity with the women at the London Anarchist Bookfair. They were attacked by men for exercising their rights to free speech over the issue of gender and men’s attempt to control all aspects of the discussion.

An Anarchist Position (?)

I will always protect my right of free speech. I was denied that right by Pablo. I was assaulted by Pablo three times. I was forced out of a public meeting that advertised “debate” on its posters. Where are the libertarian politics, where is the discourse (political arguments)? Pablo the policeman (from the flying squad because he went flying down some stairs) and his tiny weak gang of ponces tried to “police” my language, tried to dictate what is acceptable and dictate what is palatable “politics.” This is totalitarianism. It is the opposite to anarchism.

The face of censorship, A Francoist, and a space cadet. (The two of these have no credibility outside of their “inward-looking” middle-class indulgent safe spaces)

One of the outraged ponces said in front of everyone, “We will call the police!” A few people looked at each other at this point as that seemed to really say everything. What a fuckin’ joke, that the people attempting to close down the meeting and kick me out were mentioning calling the police. This indicated the class nature of the people wanting me out and any discussion closed down. What planet were these wankers on? “Anarchists” threatening to call the police–and Pablo the policeman not getting taken seriously in front of the “trans women” he was showing off to! The whole scenario was absurd, and the bottom line is they censored working-class anarchists critiquing the issue of “gender fetishism” and male violence against women.

I am in a fortunate position of knowing many people involved in credible projects. This situation was amusing but very disrespectful on their part in shutting down a Blacklisting meeting whilst they played at politics. It is ironic that I was blacklisted during a blacklisting meeting for supporting someone respected by the Blacklisting group.

Pablo, the safe space police force, appeared to fall down the stairs after assaulting me. He went flying, literally. If he/she thinks it is ok to act like a copper, then he/she gets treated like a copper. ACAB. I did not go to the meeting to beat anyone up, but, as any self-respecting working-class hooligan knows, you do not let people take liberties. Proudhon said: “Whoever lays his hand on me to govern me is a usurper and tyrant, and I declare him my enemy.”

Pablo and his gang of ponces have supported violence against women through attempting to stop free speech in a public environment. They laid out a red carpet for “male perspectives” on gender by forcing the removal of literature by women on the subject of gender. They, the Liverpool organisers of a claimed “anarchist bookfair,” push forward patriarchal thinking that women are not fit to comment on political matters. This is a disturbing position of authoritarian misogyny.

But it has backfired.

I would like to thank people from all over who have contacted me in solidarity.

Liverpool Anarchist Bookfair was not run by Scousers or even Northerners. It attempted to control discussion, not facilitate discussion, by an over-enthusiastic and very amateur gang of idiots. It was a vanity project that did not want to deal with issues within current anarchist politics. They wanted to police the public entering and control the opinions of others. It is absurd and surreal when a public meeting has a hidden agenda and a form of policing

that is not open to scrutiny or to any form of redress. I have discussed this situation with people in a number of countries and organisations. The links in this leaflet and posting are the important issues.

Solidarity is solidarity. It is solid. It is not silence and passivity.

This booklet is published without the permission or consideration of anyone else. That includes anyone involved at the London Anarchist Bookfair, any women’s group etc. This leaflet has the backing of a considerable number of like-minded working-class people, men and women. Thank you to the proofreaders.

P.S. I refused to budge and enjoyed seeing the idiots stressed out and squirming. They threatened to call the police!!! Anarchists threatening to call the police? Seriously how fucked is that?

I understand from a phone call with a senior Solidarity Federation member that Pablo was not acting on behalf of the Solidarity Federation, and I saw Solidarity Federation members express their anger towards those shutting down the Blacklisting meeting and hassling me.

Perhaps the Solidarity Federation needs to explain the basic principles of anarchism to its younger members and also “cultural issues,” like do not put your hands on working-class northerners, physically or theoretically or they may kick fuck out of you? Free speech is a northern working-class birthright. I know this situation is a complete fuck-up and embarrassment to the Solidarity Federation.

The Liverpool Anarchist Bookfair organisers’ behaviour was at odds with all aspects of libertarian/anarchist and working-class radical politics. It was censorship, it was misogynistic, it denied free speech.

I left the meeting with my head held high, a small number of very upset “students” and a ponce lay on the ground wishing he had not assaulted me.


Transphobic” is a word used by idiots to shut down scrutiny and criticism of “gender dysphoria.” It is not a phobia, merely an analysis of a phenomenon which insecure males and their supporters are not happy with. That the basic arguments trans activists want us all to adopt are invalid and dubious. (“You’re a geezer, get used to it,” John Cooper Clarke says in his poem “Crossing the Floor.”)

A man cannot become a woman. He can look like one, “act” like one, but never be one! In a nutshell, I like X-mas, but I do not believe that Father Christmas or Jesus exists. Am I X-mas-phobic by not subscribing to those two details? No, I fuckin’ love mince pies; I am not having anyone calling me X-mas-phobic

I am not phobic to gender play. I am a huge fan of Jayne County, Jobriath, Divine, David Hoyle, Wendy Carlos and Mr Crisp. If you have to Google these names and you are defending “trans” people, that says it all. Some of us getting called “transphobic” have been enjoying so-called “trannies” via music and art longer than those accusing us of “transphobia” have actually been alive. “Cocks in frocks” is a working-class phrase used by straights and gays that is a normal term for transvestites, gender-benders, cross-dressers etc.

Not a day passes where the transgender “lobby ... or lob-on” gets more absurd. The “safe space” offered to the trans health group (who supported the attack on the woman in Hyde Park by Tanis Wolf) by the Liverpool Anarchist Bookfair ponces is home to a man going by the name of Jess Bradley. As Britain’s first National Union of Students (NUS) Trans Officer he has been suspended and possibly faces police investigation after it was discovered he ran a blog dedicated to sexualizing schoolboys, exposing his genitals in public, and linking to videos titled “dad rapes son.” Who could have predicted this? This creepy “transgender nonce” got suspended from the first paid official role as “Transgender officer for flashing his cock in public.” Come on, you couldn’t make this shit up.

Justice prevails in the case of the young man who punched and beat Maria MacLachlan in Hyde Park on September 13 of last year as she was en route to a discussion of changes to the legal rights of women caused by a proposed rewrite of the UK Gender Recognition Act. The discussion was hosted by women’s group We Need To Talk.

Tanis Jacob Wolf (new pseudonym Tara Flik Wood), Ian Bone’s Rent Boy, had posted on Facebook his intent to inflict violence on feminists before committing the attack, and his assault was captured on video by at least three people.

Now Ian Bone (Class War), or “Uncle Ian” as he is known to many a middle-class person, turned up in court to defend this middle-class ‘young man’ who assaulted Maria Maclahan in Hyde Park. We all know Ian Bone is a phoney and as far back as the mid-eighties prefers to be amongst the “posh kids” in politics. Do not ask him about the motion in Class War (that he blocked) to make it working-class only (he is very selective in his memoirs about always backing working-class people). Why on earth would Bone be supportive of a middle-class ponce if he did support the idea of class war? Ian “Class War” Bone held his rent boy’s hand in court. Yes, Ian Bone. What a joke. His fetish for middle-class boys is getting out into the public domain. Anyone wanting a good laugh should check out Glasgow Class War’s website, look at their logo. It’s some kind of cult-like cryptic Freemason’s symbol, showing allegiance to transgender lifestyle politics. Ian Bone is a joke to anyone but himself.

There it is. If you’re a 26-year-old man with a hairdo and some lipstick you can punch a 61-year-old woman in the face whenever you suspect she doesn’t really believe you are actually a woman. Then, LGBT lobbying organisations will support you, and trash the woman, your victim. Transgender activists will embrace you and contribute money to you. The male judge will order the woman you punched to pretend she thinks you are female. You will pay a £400 fine and serve no jail time and no parole. Consider it the price to pay for your honour.

On the other hand, as @MayDay4Women (now suspended from Twitter) opines:

A £430 fine doesn’t seem like much. No community service. No jail time. But, importantly, it means this violent man is barred forever from working with vulnerable groups, so blocked from working in schools, care homes etc. and now has various travel restrictions.

We have included the following links and further reading to shed light on this absurdity in greater depth:

Peak Trans!

An important read and resource by Maria MacLachlan who was attacked by Ian Bone’s rent boy. 

Gender Is Not an Identity, It Is a Tool of Patriarchy: A Feminist View of Gender Identity Politics

This is a great booklet wiping the floor with the fundamental arguments put forward by men trying to silence credible counterarguments to their bogus claims. It is very well written and gets a big thumbs up from us. It needs to be read, as the Liverpool Anarchist Bookfair mental health brigade would not allow it to be available there. Utter cowards and charlatans. I asked one of the women (who supports her own subservience to male perspectives on gender) if she was “trans.” She looked horrified and revulsed by my question and literally took a step back. But there she was trying to act as an enabler to something she showed clear disgust for when called out on it. It was amusing to take the piss out of her “right-on politics” and even more amusing to see her quickly compose herself as she realised she was offended by someone asking her if she was “trans.” 

Class, Identity Politics, and Transgender Ideology

What we now have is a public culture of self-serving careerists whose obsession with their own status, individual concerns, personal anxieties and multiple claims to oppressed identities, make it ideologically impossible for them to connect with wider political issues.” 

Gas Mark Six

This is not woman-on-woman relationship abuse, and should not be treated or recorded as such. We should not be afraid to see this for what it is—male entitlement. Male violence. No woman who is being abused needs to be told to have compassion for her abuser. Women’s enforced compliance with male delusions, needs to be recognised for what it is. Misogyny, abuse, and erasure. I’m standing up and saying ENOUGH.” 

Rose of Dawn

Gender radicals have redefined what it means to be trans. I disagree with their position, so I’m speaking out.” 

What Does Co-opting The Trans Movement Look Like?” 

Join me for a spooky countdown of the UK’s most ‘terrifying’ trans activists!” 

Trans Day of Remembrance is sold as a day to reflect on how oppressed trans men, women and NBs are worldwide—even in the West. This is grossly misleading, and here’s why.” 

Transsexual Women Opposing Self ID

As Transsexual people we know surgery does not mean that we literally become women. But we will happily engage in discourse with women to set boundaries based on mutual accord. We respect their right to do this.

We make these physical changes to live within society as women without wishing to usurp women’s necessary needs for privacy. Our medical treatment has left us mentally healthy adults who have for years afterward contributed fully to society. That is all we have ever sought.

We are very concerned by the aggressive tactics and angry demands of the trans activists and just want to continue living peacefully via mutual respect as we have done for half a century. But changing the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) from medical assessment must concern society, in particular women, who understandably say NO.

They may conclude that the only solution will be to exclude everyone -including us. They cannot possibly know the physical or mental status of all those newly self-identified women who now selfishly demand acceptance because they say so.

The proposed changes materially disadvantage women in order to benefit others who merely choose to self-identify as the opposite sex for various undiagnosed reasons. The 5000 presently registered transsexual people for whom the GRA was created 14 years ago are unhappy to be expected to cede rights to those unprepared to give society more than just their word that this should occur.

If the government chooses this route, our years overcoming a medical condition and establishing our life to contribute fully to society becomes minimised to the status of a part-time cross-dresser or a sex offender asking for transfer to a female jail. Both are real events that have occurred recently.

Some transsexual women who transitioned half a century ago are so scared about how this may damage their lives, we fear they might become prisoners in their homes. They are being told they may no longer be able to enter ladies toilets despite not having had male anatomy for most of their lives.

As a consequence—and like many women—we transsexuals ask the government to listen to us as we say NO to self ID. We are 14 transsexual women who do not know one another but have come together to express these concerns.” 

No One Is a “TERF”

This. From the brilliant Nedra Johnson:

Plenty of women have issues with gender and how it is used to harm women. Anyone who speaks about this shit and who doesn’t identify themselves as ‘cis,’ and who doesn’t therefore defer to trans ideology about it, is labeled a TERF.

And once anyone is labeled a TERF anything they say can be dismissed. And they can be actively no-platformed. And pretty much you can spew the most vitriolic misogyny at them like you were given a “get out of accountability for your misogyny FREE!” card.

There is no context that calling a woman a TERF is not misogyny.

Parents, Don’t Let Them Label Your Child Transgender!

Transgender is a dangerous trend and transgender children are on the rise. It’s a medical and political push and not in the benefit of your child. I was such a child, but now I’m a healthy and happy lesbian.” 

These sites are for everyone who is concerned about the social and medical ‘transition’ of children: 

Improving the Climate of Debate

The Unite general secretary, Len McCluskey, was one of about 140 people, including Julie Bindel and Ruth Serwotka, who signed a letter in the Morning Star warning that a handful of recent episodes risked drawing “the whole of our progressive movement into disrepute.” 

Twitter’s Trans Activist Decree

It’s about a cultish movement that is flexing its muscle on campuses, in civic organisations, at public events, and in the back offices of social-media companies, to strike down anyone who dares point out that the gender emperor wears no clothes. It is about our ability to debate important issues and speak the truth in the public realm. It’s time for all of us—not just women and feminists, who are now taking the worst of it—to put their collective foot down and demand a return to sanity. 

Ontological Totalitarianism by Numbers

Jane Clare Jones is a feminist philosopher, feminist writer and occasional feminist activist. 

Sex and Gender, a Beginner’s Guide  

Woman’s Place UK

This is a campaign formed specifically to ensure women’s voices are heard in the debate around proposals to change the Gender Recognition Act (2004). 

Fair Play For Women

Fair Play For Women is a group of ordinary people from all walks of life who have come together to fight for the rights of women and girls. 

I Supported Trans Ideology Until I Couldn’t Anymore

Alicia Hendley bought into gender-identity ideology (and went after anyone who challenged her), until she couldn’t ignore the facts any longer. 

*** Since Hendley’s 2019 piece she had written for Feminist Current, she has written a 2021 essay, titled “Turncoat,” in which she claims to have become newly “enlightened” from her past “bigotry,” knowing now that she “can try to be kind.”

First Legally “Non-Binary” Individual Detransitions Interview with Jamie Shupe

Jamie Shupe (@NotableDesister, now inactive) entered the national spotlight when, in 2016, he legally changed his gender to “non-binary.” In this interview, he speaks about that court case and his entry into and exit out of being a “trans woman.” 

*** Since Shupe’s 2019 interview with Boyce, with his writings having appeared in conservative publications, particularly The Daily Signal, he has “retransitioned.” Yet again, he claims to be a “trans woman”this time one named Elisa Rae. For reference, Shupe’s most recent accounts have appeared in Mother Jones and Xtra Magazine, in 2023.

Coercion & Abuse in the Gender ID Community with GNC-Centric

Ben (@gnc_centric) is a young detransitioned woman. She recently started a youtube channel that pulls no punches about her early experiences in the LGBT and kink communities, her gender dysmorphia, transition and detransition. 

How I Became the Most Hated Lesbian in Baltimore

Homosexuality is not a quirky lifestyle. It’s not an identity you can opt into on a whim. It’s just a term to describe same-sex attraction. Lesbians are female homosexuals, women who love women, but our spaces, resources and communities are on the verge of extinction. Julia Beck on how lesbians get hurt by gender ideology. 

Taking on the Gender Identity Industry

Maritza Cummings is a detransitioned natal female who was a strong trans advocate in the early and mid 2000’s within the medical field. Some years ago, she began doubting that transition was correct for her, but instead a way of avoiding other issues she was beset with, such as childhood trauma and some neurological hiccoughs. She is now detransitioned and is speaking out against the Gender Identity Industry on youtube and via blogging. 

*** Since Cummings’s 2019 interview with Boyce, like Shupe, she has “retransitioned” and, also like Shupe, now uncritically promotes “gender-affirming care,” as of 2023.

Solidarity from a West Country Working-Class Anarchist

Has the anarchist movement and its various long standing institutions been taken over by narcissistic, entitled, middle-class, Lord of the Flies-style, anti-women dictators who try and shut down anyone who points out the reality that people with dicks are not women, whatever they wear?

It certainly seems that way, and sadly I’m seeing many comrades from the class struggle dragged into this liberal fallacy mire - taking the side of entitled self-obsessed “men’s rights” “victims” (they play that card at every single opportunity) over the continuing women’s struggle and this very real threat to women-only spaces.

Meanwhile, as anarchists and the Left are obsessing over a few people’s faddish identity crises, the class war is being raged ever more virulently against us, and the void left by identity politics is being filled by the far right. They are reaching people on the estates—I daresay most of today’s “anarchists” would be terrified of setting foot on working-class manors.

It is time those of us engaged in the class struggle showed solidarity with those not sucked in by this warped invented gender (re)identity. (By the way, research about “detransitioning” has been stamped on by academia, showing how ridiculous and dangerous this gender obsession is).

The Opportunity to be Oppressed

How does a popularised vanguard that proclaims itself to be progressive seem so keen to marginalise the opinion of others and defend its new orthodoxy with acts of violence, with demonization and with distortion? Why does a formerly marginalised minority claim to celebrate diversity, but only as long as it isn’t diversity of thought or opinion?

Men wearing skirts find anything that isn’t of their new orthodoxy “offensive.” More easily offended than the child molesters of the Catholic Church, and with an equally loud and an intolerant cannonade, they’re determined to have you grovel before their personal bias.

Social media posts, statements and slogans, the shit people say, it all counts far more than what they actually do. Someone worried that perverted men will come into women’s safe areas is a fucking Nazi. Whereas some zitty three-week vegan studying all day wanking at Brighton University, claims they’re casting off the shackles of hierarchical society by tying their cock to their leg and wearing panties, they’re a hero.

It’s a new conformity. Kids at school in the north are being visited by London-based ponces (who make Legs Akimbo from the League of Gentlemen look like a D’Oyly Carte Gilbert & Sullivan production) telling them that they don’t understand their own sexuality and that while they may feel straight, actually they’re Pan-sexual, which sadly doesn’t mean they only fuck Pans.

The way they deal with genuine concern and sincere questioning is to scream that it’s just reactionary opposition to progress and it’s “offensive.”

Why be so angry about the things other people say? Have any of the “TERFs” done anything actively against switch-hitters? No, it’s what they’ve said that’s “offensive.” Lucky, then, that what you say is what’s important, because none of these man-fannies have ever actually done anything to help the day-to-day struggle of ordinary people. That struggle is a distraction to the personal politics that gives attention-seeking spoilt bastards the opportunity to be oppressed.

Why, though, should we give a fuck who else is offended? Why should I? Get over it, you soft cunt. It just means we don’t agree and you don’t have the emotional maturity to respond. People say things we find ridiculous, we might think they’re cunts, but we’re not offended, because we’re grown up. I never told my grandma that she was a cunt, not because it would have been offensive, but, as a reasonable person, she’d have been upset.

And this is the crux of the issue: A reasonable person is not offended by differences of opinion. If the opinions are not spreading hate but are genuine concerns, then the only way it’s perceived as offensive is through the ego receptors of a whining childish narcissist. Having found a community that accepts self-centredness as a birthright, they won’t ever let go of their chance to jump out of the birthday cake at a big Mardi Gras with their name glitter-spunked across the stars.

I don’t seek to upset anybody. I don’t seek to impress anybody. I don’t seek to command the attention of anybody. I just couldn’t give a shit as to you being offended by what I say. You being offended isn’t going to change my mind.

Also, do remember, that the perceived offence caused to those indulging in this latest trend might one day soon (when fashions move on or when they decide to move on to another minority position) be transferred to something altogether different, this doesn’t mean we’ll have changed our minds about the fucking wankers that you are.

The Emperor’s New Gender

This is to those people amused and bemused by the current absurd fetishism of trannies”/cocks in frocks/poor-quality female impersonators/attention-seeking make-up junkies etc. They (and the fuck-ups they get to support them) want to police the language of others, so these damaged and fucked-up prima donna attention-seeking misfits don’t burst into tears when we do not play ball in their “pantomime fantasy world” of “The Emperor’s New Gender.”

This absurd situation has come to a head of late on a few notable occasions. So it’s time to step up and look at the absurd bullshit these ponces are trying to serve up as palatable.

  1. Gender play is ok. That ain’t the issue.

  1. Free speech is the right of everyone (not just nauseating ponces).
  2. The word phobic is disingenuous (that means fucking misleading) as it is not a phobia of men dressed up as women; rather, it is an intelligent standpoint we have that is “Men do not become women and cannot speak as women just because they wear a dress.”

What we are doing in this publication is providing a considerable resource for others to look at the discussion that is being had by women, lesbians, gays and working-class freethinkers as a reaction to the bullshit that is marketed as “transgender.” These links should amuse and also shock as we see the extent that people’s mental illness/narcissism and gender dysphoria has been forced onto others for consideration, whilst bewilderingly, actual women have been attacked for expressing fairly straight forward opinions that differ to the “Cocks in Frocks” Brigade.

“Cocks in frocks,” as a term, is used, as it’s pretty much a very small percentage of the “trans community,” among the men, that actually gets the knobs lopped off. There is a very ugly element to the “trans absurdity,” and that is children are having adult gender-identity issues put onto them, which is on a par with female genital mutilation (FGM), another religious fundamentalism, and new indoctrination in the West.

Any working-class person offended by direct language and plain speaking in a political context has probably been around too many wankers from universities. The transgender arguments are at best nonsense and at worst misogynistic, indulgent, or delusionary and against liberty and common sense.

This project of collecting and presenting credible responses to the bullshit peddled by the “trans community” is done so simply because it dawned on us when we heard the slur “TERF” used as an insult to women they wanted to try to silence “transgender-exclusionary radical feminists.” This insult used by a minority of fuckin idiots, cleverly attacks a feminist subculture as though that group of “radical feminists” is the sole group amused and bemused by the idea a man in a dress can be a woman.

The argument of these confused fuckers is only amplified as they have been given credibility by universities, and naive well-meaning do-gooders (who do a lot of fuckin’ bad). Enjoy these links and I hope you will find amusement and sanity in these intelligent considered responses.

Working-class people have the right to speak as they want on any subject they want without intimidation or repression. We are not browbeaten by middle-class conservative political idiots tutting away at sincere working-class expression and intellectualism. We will not put a straitjacket on our common sense.

Trans Rights – Old School Misogyny Gets a Makeover

Independent Working Class Association

Back in 1987, Linda Bellos, Black radical feminist lesbian and hard-left icon, was leader of Lambeth Council. Last week, she was in court for a hate crime. After a number of unsavoury incidents where women were threatened and even attacked by transgender activists, Bellos had said in a video that if the “bastards” came anywhere near her, she’d “take off her glasses and thump them.” Bellos is 67. Nevertheless this was “hate crime,” according to one of them. The CPS politely declined to prosecute. So the aforementioned activist decided to bring a private prosecution instead.

Around the same time Philip/Pippa Bunce, a cross-dressing Credit Suisse banker, appeared on the FT’s “Top Female Champions of Women in Business” list. Now Bunce is not, nor does he claim to be, a woman, so why didn’t the Financial Times simply put him on the men’s list? Because the FT it seems defines “woman” as a “person of either sex who is not a stereotypical masculine male.” That, to put it mildly, is so elastic a definition it threatens to erase the concept of being a woman altogether. For the trans lobby this does seem to be an actual objective, as there is significantly less focus on anyone heading in the opposite, female-to-male, direction.

Take, for example, the professional drag queen who claims she was dropped from a Virgin Atlantic advertisement celebrating gay pride after they discovered she was, in fact, a woman. The horror! She had pretended to be a man dressed as a woman, but was, in fact, a woman dressed as a woman pretending to be a man. For Virgin Atlantic, this was a gender chicane too far, and she was unceremoniously sacked.

Bizarrely, the same institutional bias is embedded in the Girl Guides recent announcement that while boys who identify as girls are welcomed, actual girls who might identify as boys will be encouraged to leave, or as the organisation puts it—“managed out.” They see no problem with allowing biological males to join girls on camping trips, and share showering and changing facilities, insisting that “Girl guiding is for all girls and that includes trans girls” but apparently has a problem with biological girls (who might have previously been described simply as tomboys) doing so.

Concerned about the direction of travel, some feminists arranged a meeting at Leeds Civic Hall to discuss the government consultation on gender identification. But at the 11th hour Leeds City Council pulled the plug. Trans activists had claimed the women were a “hate group.” Councillors were not available for comment.

But then why should local Councillors take a democratic stand when all party hierarchies, including the Tories, are happy to be herded at the behest of a tiny group of “it is what we say it is” trans activists, some of whom don’t even bother to identify as “trans” themselves? And where the politicians lead other institutions—Credit Suisse, Goldsmiths College, the Financial Times, and even billboard companies (“Woman” defined as “Adult human female” has been accepted as being potentially “transphobic”) or the Girl Guides—terrified of being accused of being on “the wrong side of history,” follow. Faced with questions following the expulsion of two guide leaders who had objected to the new policy, a Girl Guides spokeswoman provided an illuminating insight: “We’ve had advice from Stonewall and Gendered Intelligence and continue to review our policy as new guidance and best practise emerges.”

Here, then, is an admission that, although “trans rights” may be presented by left-wing social media as the new progressive orthodoxy, behind the scenes a few narcissistic zealots really are making it up as they go along. And, for all the talk of trans activists and their entitlement to be respected as female should they so wish—and for society to organise around this narrow agenda—when it comes to women’s concerns and indeed women in general, they hardly bother to hide their disdain. Under the cloak of inclusivity, it is not just transsexuals, but old-school misogyny, that appears to be getting a makeover. Identity politics, the left face of neoliberalism, is finally devouring itself.

Finally, we have never seen a more cringeworthy but patriarchal/authoritarian banner that has used anti-fascism as its platform than this piece of rubbish. To claim this is anti-fascist whilst it is for the silencing of political women is astounding, because the women and men it is aimed at do not accept a man with false tits and make-up is an actual woman. How can they be declared an enemy for simply not believing a man is a woman?

This banner is an authoritarian statement made against liberty. It is no more anti-fascist than a brownshirt banner. It is in support of the censorship of liberty and patriarchy. This is pretty much “transgender” politics on display.

Attacking women who refuse male dominance is not anti-fascism but its opposite. Who the fuck are these idiots in Leeds?

Some “anarchists” seem to forget basic principles of anarchism and have become subservient to a social scenes latest “language code” and the acceptance of “transgender” identity politics as liberatory politics. Subservience is not a strand of anarchism, but it is displayed clearly amongst this minority. They have swallowed the transgender argument presented by men who want us to engage in their delusions. These people might be the first to mock old style “chauvinistic” men’s attitudes, as if society has moved on. But they continue to allow that chauvinism to exist, as they have fallen for the con of opinionated chauvinists claiming to be women! This is a bit twisted to say the least. Men dressing up as “women,” dictating what it is to be a woman—well, that is pretty fucked up.

Further reading on anarchism and identity politics:

Shit Wigs and Steroids

Anarchism’s (and the Left’s) Tolerance of Delusion

This booklet was put together by working-class people amused and bemused by the transgender cult. It will be of interest to those not buying into all this “transgender/crossdressing” bullshit.

It is not written out of ignorance but as a result of considered critical thinking. It is a very sharp critique of the bogus transgender arguments. A hairy bollocked man is not a lesbian, regardless of anyone’s opinion. It’s a man with hairy bollocks preying on the tolerance and gullibility of others.

Being called “bigots,” “transphobes,” and “TERFs” is comical, and it is the best the phoney transgender brigade (and their enablers) can offer up against wider society’s scrutiny.

We make no apologies for our lack of charity towards these misogynistic men’s attempts at censoring considered opinion. To some, being offended is an identity in itself.